The ambulance used in the Firefly episode "Ariel" has been found in a scrap yard!! It's been bought and rescued (Ariel Ambulance Day, May 6, 2006)!! Let's fix it up and parade it around conventions, screenings, and shindigs! -- Quote from the Ariel Ambulance Yahoo Group

The Ariel Ambulance Rescue Group, or AARG, is a self-organizing Browncoat group that crosses regional lines.

A helicopter mockup prop was rented to be used as the ambulance in the Firefly episode "Ariel", modified and painted, and then was returned to the rental company who eventually sold it to a scrap dealer.

Scott S. Atkins, also known as "Akin the Finder", spotted the ambulance in a scrapyard in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, and announced it on his LiveJournal. Browncoats online soon decided they should pool their resources and buy it and restore it. A Yahoo!Group was set up and the group spent a couple of months raising funds, then purchased the ambulance on May 6, 2006.

The ambulance has made appearances at WorldCon64, MountainConII, and DarkCon, as well as a California flight museum. At WorldCon, the interior of the ambulance was signed by Tim Minear, Jane Espensen and Loni Peristere of the Firefly crew. At DarkCon, Jewel Staite added her signature.

Each trip the ambulance has taken was arranged and paid for by local fans and convention staff, with Browncoats personally towing the ambulance in a boat trailer which was purchased and customized to carry it between locations.

In between convention stops, the Ariel Ambulance has changed hands several times between different groups of Browncoats, each spending time and money on recreating and restoring the lost and damaged details of the vehicle. Work has included new fiberglass and windows, repainting, the beginnings of a light and electrical system, and a better system for detaching the tail assembly for travel and attaching it for display.

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