Badger Books is a website which offers smart podcast feeds for serialized audio drama and other collected works. It is similar to [PodioBooks], except that it specializes in Firefly related content.

The distinction between a smart feed and a conventional feed is that a smart feed is ideally suited to delivering completed works, whereas a conventional feed is best suited to delivering ongoing works. From the website: "Traditional RSS feeds are unsuited to serialized fiction, because they tend always to deliver the most recently published episode first. If the work is complete, that would mean you'd be starting with the last episode. If not, you may be starting somewhere in the middle. Either way, this is not good.

So we've come up with a way of providing RSS feeds which always deliver the episodes in the right order, starting from episode one. There are preconfigured feeds for daily and weekly delivery. If you would prefer some alternative delivery schedule, just click on Custom, and you can arrange whatever delivery schedule you desire."

Badger Books is a service provided by The Signal.

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Badger Books currently offers the following shows:

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