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Bellflower is a fan-made film based on the sci-fi series Firefly by Joss Whedon.

Suspect cargo...
Imminent destruction...
...just another day in the 'verse.

From their website: "The Bellflower is a Sandfly class light transport ship, delivering mail, supplies, and news to the outer planets. Its captain, pilot and owner is Jesse, who inherited the ship when her parents died in a Reaver attack. A few years ago she picked up Carol, an ex-military engineer, who keeps the ship flying in exchange for a place to stay. We will also meet Jesse's younger sister Mary, who survived the attack that took their family. Jesse usually acts as an independant contractor for Aircom, based in the Essendon Docks on New Melbourne. Aircom themselves subcontract their work from BlueSun Postal. As freelancers, the Bellflower crew usually end up with the least desirable jobs - high risk runs to the outer planets. From time to time, they have been known to accept less legitimate cargo, if the price is right."

Bellflower Pre-Production Montage

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