From the website: "The BDV is a play-by-post role-playing narrative based on the characters of the television show Firefly and the movie Serenity (although the story takes place after the series and the events of the movie may or may not apply here).

Canon Characters (those from the series and movie) are still available. Contact one of the Admins (GrimJack or Jonestein) to reserve your character and begin the application process.

Original Characters are welcomed and encouraged! We currently have three (3) other active ships in the BDV.

The first ship, The Dancer, is currently filled to capacity, but should you fancy a ride as a passenger on the greatest Grendel Class Freighter ever to sail the Black, simply contact one of the Admins or Cpt. Gwen Paul.
The second ship, The Ares Shield, is commanded by the one-and-only Lt. Womack (of The Message). If you are interested in flying with some 'dirty cops', join this crew (contact one of the Admins or Lt. Karl Womack).
Our third ship, The Hippocrates II, is a Search & Rescue craft commanded by Dr. Chee. If you want to be in the middle of every major event in the 'Verse...well then this boat is for you (contact one of the Admins).
Kasern is our baby-girl. A former Independent drop-ship refitted for cargo, she carries a mottly crew always on the search for a new job while trying to pay off their debts. Renegades, rebels and rogues are always welcome! (Contact Ertia)
The Bella Starr is a Luxury Starliner. Don't have alot of time to devote to particular ship or story-line, but still want to get some action in? The Bella Starr carries all sorts and has room for all kinds of tale-telling, with the best and worst of the 'Verse at it's disposal.

If you want to Captain your own boat, contact the Admins, and we will make it happen!

All in all we want to make the BDV a safe-haven for all Browncoats. Whether you want to role-play or not, we would love to have you come aboard and keep the 'Verse alive."

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