Browncoat is a term applied to fans of the short-lived television series Firefly.[1][2] The name is based on a nickname for the Independent Faction from the series.

Fictional meaning[]

In the series, Browncoats were named after the simple, brown dusters they wore as uniforms. The simplicity of their gear was greatly due to the fact that technology and resources were scarce on the Outer Planets. Conversely, the Alliance's soldiers were called "Purple bellies", because of the purple-tinted body armor they wore on their chests.



Ad that ran in Variety magazine

The original fans first organized to try to save the series from being canceled by Fox Broadcating Network. Their efforts included raising money for an ad in Variety magazine and a postcard writing campaign to UPN.

These fans are also sometimes known as "flans" (IPA /flæn/ - rhymes with American-English "fan"). This originated from a slip of the tongue by actor Nathan Fillion during an interview, when talking about Firefly fans. (Wikiquote transcription)

Notable Browncoats[]


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