The Browncoat Cruise is a 5-day cruise and Browncoat event. The focus of the cruise is not on celebrity guests, but rather enjoying the company of other Browncoats in a cruise environment. Though the cruise is not a traditional convention, several celebrity guests are scheduled to be on board.

Location - Leaves From San Diego, CA
Dates - December 1-6, 2007
Ship - Carnival Elation
Ports of Call - Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, Mexico
Room Rate - Based on occupancy and room type

  • Full Event Ticket: $570 - $1000+
  • Limited Event Ticket: $370 - $800

Website - Browncoat Cruise
Announced VIP Guests -

  • Ron Glass - Shepherd Book
  • Michael Fairman - Adelai Niska
  • Clare Kramer - Glory on Buffy
  • Bedlam Bards

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Browncoat Cruise Website

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