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May 29, 2009 - Ni hao, Browncoats! Our friends over at CSTS 2009 have been busy planning events all over the world (in 47 cities) to raise money for Equality Now. Visit their page, see what it's about, see if there's a screening in your neck of the woods!

December 31, 2008/January 1, 2009 - Have a Shiny New Years, Browncoats! ~Kethra

December 12, 2008 - Ni hao, Browncoats! Greetings from your friendly, neighborhood admin. Browncoat was kind enough to throw the reins my way, and I'm excited about getting this wiki whipped into shape and updated with all the current Browncoat info, as well as more detailed histories. Please spread the word about the site around the cortex and let folks know that we're back up and running! Stay shiny! ~Kethra


Browncoat Wiki

This wiki is a collaborative, living archive of Browncoat culture (fans of the sci-fi series Firefly and the movie Serenity), including activities, regional Browncoat organizations, charity events, conventions, meetups, projects, etc. If you are a Browncoat and/or you know of a group, event, or anything else that we haven't covered... then please consider creating a username and helping us expand the archive.

If you're looking for actual information on Firefly & Serenity, its cast or characters, please visit one of these Firefly/Serenity wikis :

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