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"Browncoats: Redemption" A Fan Film for Charity is a sci-fi/action fan film based in the Firefly/Serenity Verse, created by Joss Whedon.


  • Michael C. Dougherty
  • Steven Fisher


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BROWNCOATS: REDEMPTION takes place three months after the events in the film Serenity and we find Captain Laura Matthews, and the crew of Redemption, unintentionally thrown into a situation that some view as the potential catalyst for the second unified rise of the Independents against the Alliance, since Unification Day. The Alliance is looking for a scape goat for Miranda while those unhappy with the Alliance are looking for a rallying cry to take action. Through all this, a secret about Laura is exposed that shakes the very core of the crew, threatening to break it up, challenge the trust that she's earned with the Browncoats, and undo all the efforts she has put into place to keep a sense of peace in her life since the first Unification War.


The cast features Heather Fagan as Capt. Laura Matthews, Guy Wellman as medic Cameron Allen, Kevin Troy as ship security Lux Lucre, John Patrick Barry as businessman James Banks III, Michael Levy as engineer Brett Gray, PJ Megaw as mechanic Jack Haddington, and Miriam Pultro as newly recruited pilot Pete Chen.


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Outside of covering the cost of production, proceeds will go as a donation, to:

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