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The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity - A Documentary

Done the Impossible is the creative endeavor of the creators in cooperation with a team of professionals and other Browncoats. It is is essentially the story of the fans, the rise and fall of the cult TV show Firefly, and our campaign to bring our beloved show back from the graveyard of canceled programs. The high-definition, "professional quality production" is now available on DVD.

The documentary contains fan testimonies about their original love of Firefly, their passion and resulting campaign to help save it, shindigs, message boards, charities, and "the many ways that Firefly has affected their lives. Cast and crew also share humorous and insightful experiences with the fans."

The Done the Impossible creators, in response to their desire to use Firefly as a "vehicle to effect positive change" have donated a percentage of the proceeds from the project to Equality Now.


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