From the website: "Originally aired as a weekly segment on Dragon Page Wingin' It, this is an alternative and less than serious take on the Firefly 'verse. Here we bring you episodes and stories from around the 'verse, that never happened! We interview the man who canceled Firefly, teach you how to speak Russian, bring you culinary delights for Reavers, and reveal the truth about Book's past."

However, the site adds (in smallprint): "Disclaimer: None of the above statements are necessarily true."

Fantasy Firefly was, in fact, made by the people who made The Signal

List of EpisodesEdit

  1. David Hwoon Dahn Interview
  2. Gorilla Marketing
  3. Goose Juggling
  4. Ballet Shootout
  5. Blue Hand Job
  6. Duel of the Fates
  7. Reaver Recipes
  8. How to Speak Russian
  9. Fox Nightmares
  10. Done the Moderately Difficult
  11. Serenity Interview
  12. Shepherd Neame

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