Flanvention was the first large American Firefly/Serenity fan convention, held in December 2005. The convention was held at the Burbank Airport Hilton and Convention Center.

Flanvention II and Browncoats' Backup Bash[]

The Browncoats Backup Bash was a fan-run event held the weekend of December 8 to 11, 2006 to replace the Booster Events convention Flanvention II which was canceled the evening before it was due to take place. The event took place at the Burbank Airport Hilton and Convention Center.

The Backup Bash (nicknamed B3 by the Browncoats who attended) was predominantly organized by a sector of the Browncoat community called the California Browncoats (CA). There was a wave of response when news of the cancellation of Flanvention II spread and Browncoats sent in their well wishes and made donations through PayPal, raising over $4500 USD toward a back up event.

In addition to support shown by fellow fans, the event was also attended by numerous star guests, both from Firefly and Serenity and other related television shows, some of which were due to appear at the original Flanvention II event, and others who simply showed up to show support.

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