"We are the Houston area Firefly/ Serenity Fan base. Active for over four years now, this very eclectic, enthusiastic, smart, and fun-loving group holds multiple shindigs every month. We have even had rolling shindigs to other cities to meet up with other fellow Browncoats, Train Jobs, and Beach Shindigs are also popular. The group is primarily a social group but they enjoy doing good works, to date the group has donated DVD’s to the Fort Bend Library System, Donated money to help with Katrina Disaster Relief, participated in Firefly for Firefighters, and proudly supports Equality Now. The group is co-captained by artcat and Valgrl. Our official monthly ‘meet up’ is the first Saturday of the month."


  • Valgrl
  • ArtCat


  • Chuckybones - Operations and Moderator
  • redfeather1 - Treasurer and Chief Operations Officer
  • LostThought - Moderator
  • Natakuaya - Webmaster

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Houston Browncoats Website