From the website: Special Interest Jewelry for TV Fans and More

"My specialty is creating unique and original jewelry inspired by my favorite things; television shows, movies, nature, and animals....the list goes on.

I got a fancy website, but I'm not a company.....well, I guess I'm sort of turning into one, but my production facility consists of me sitting on my living room couch making necklaces in every spare waking moment!"

Jessi has an extensive collection of Firefly and Serenity inspired jewelry, including:

  • Character bracelets
  • Character necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Meteorite and Tektite necklaces
  • Other bracelets
  • Serenity Pendant necklaces
  • Serenity Ring necklaces
  • Replicas
  • Buddha/Pony/Rocket necklaces

The shop has also been known to carry dogtags, some official merchandise, and contains a comprehensive listing of previous designs that can be inquired about for future projects.

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