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The Kids Need to Read Foundation (KNTR) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity that was formed in August 2007 by author PJ Haarsma and one of our Big Damn Heroes, actor Nathan Fillion.

The organization is supported by many volunteers around the world including many Browncoats (see below). For more information about KNTR, see their website.

Mission StatementEdit

  • To purchase books by raising funds through auctions, sales of merchandise and other available means
  • To provide books to libraries, schools and other institutions in need
  • To provide books to children through established institutions
  • To foster a love of reading in all children
  • To encourage reading among reluctant readers

Browncoat InvolvementEdit

Many Browncoat groups around the world support KNTR. In October, 2007, Kids Need to Read established The Kids Need to Read Browncoat Endowment fund, started by a donation by the California Browncoats (CA) and expanded by Austin Browncoats, Mid-South Browncoats, and North Virginia Firefly/Serenity Meetup Group. [1]

An upcoming fan film Browncoats: Redemption has pledged to donate part of their proceeds from dvd sales to KNTR. [2]


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