Mirandas end

From their website: "Miranda’s End is a band and album name which draws inspiration from the television series Firefly and the major motion picture Serenity." Their music has heavy classic and southern rock influences.

Why the name Miranda’s End?
"For those who have not seen the movie (why haven’t you?) I really can’t explain things in too much detail. I hope by reading this account you will go to the video store or Netflix and rent the television show and subsequently, the movie. I don’t recommend watching the movie without having first viewed the entire television series (there are fourteen episodes on the DVD release – three were never aired). Miranda was the planet in the movie where everything comes together and begins to make sense. It reveals the evil intentions of the Alliance. A future, I believe, that could conceivably happen when you have an empire in control of things. Miranda’s End simply means “Miranda is the end result of government meddling in the lives of people.” A free people enjoy a government that doesn’t meddle and demand absolute control of their lives. Are we heading in the same direction?"

Band Members:
Guitar - Kippy Allen
Vocals - Jeff Cowart
Guitar - John Cripps
Bass - Chuck Flowers
Drums - Pat McGinley

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Miranda's End website
Miranda's End MySpace

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