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From their MySpace: "This [project] is the brain child of a Browncoat with too much time on his hands and music in his head, meant for fellow Browncoats that just cant get enough. Basically a two man operation (well, technically it's a one man and one woman operation) so sometimes new music may take a bit, please be patient. The ideology behind this page is that Firefly as we knew it was an ongoing documentary shot by Joss Whedon aboard Serenity, that the characters and events were real life being captured on film. ...this concept is strictly not for profit.

...River and the Reavers is the musical group of River Tam, an ass-kicking, psychic, slightly deranged teenage girl currently on the lam from the Alliance. Sure, playing gigs on outer rim and core planets may not be the smartest thing for someone in her position but River likes to keep things exciting. Stocking her band with those fun-loving cannibalistic madmen called Reavers, River makes sure that they are properly fed and chained before a performance. Like her friend, registered companion Inara Serra, she can only get bookings wherever her captain takes her. Unlike Inara's career choice, Captain Malcolm Reynolds is in full favor of River's singing career as he calls it 'just plain fun'.
The band was made up of;
Christine Delano - River (vocals)
Jared M Smith - Reavers (instruments/writer)

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