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From their website: "The Sacramento Browncoats came into being as a Meetup Group in 2004 and has been growing like Shepherd’s hair ever since. They have been making their presence known at conventions around the country and are working in conjunction with nearby groups such as the San Francisco Browncoats to help raise money for charities such as Tsunami Relief. In addition to conventions, the Sacramento Browncoats play host to shindigs at least twice a month. Current membership stands at about fifty members, a number which is rapidly growing..."

"Representatives of the Sacramento Browncoats participate in conventions and events in Northern California and beyond and support various charities. Sacramento Browncoats, in larger or smaller groups, have been spotted roaming the restaurants, cafes and streets of Sacramento, endeavoring to teach the general public to sing 'You can't take the sky from me ...' No brawls have ensued so far."

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