From the website: A three day convention for fans of FIREFLY and SERENITY featuring guest talks, photo and autograph sessions, competitions, parties, and much more.

Serenity Infinity will take place from 5-7 October 2007 at the Thistle Hotel, Heathrow.

The Parties - Each night at the convention we will be having a party for the attendees to enjoy. Fancy dress is optional, and not compulsory.

Party Themes
Friday Night: Blockbuster Movies
Saturday Night: Pirates
Sunday Night: Rocky Horror

Date: 5-7 October 2007
Venue: The Thistle Hotel - Heathrow (UK)
Announced VIP Guests:

  • Adam Baldwin
  • Morena Baccarin
  • Sean Maher
  • Ellen Muth
  • Neil Roberts
  • and more...

Ticket Prices: £88:50 Adults, £33:50 for Children aged 14 and under, free for children aged 7 and under. Ticket prices do not include meals or accomodations. Any children aged 14 or under MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Room Rates: "Rooms are available for the attendees at a rate of £59:00 B&B per night for a single room and £77 B&B per night for a twin or a double room. To book a room you will need to call The Thistle Hotel directly on 0208 759 2400 and ask to speak to in-house reservations."

To see a full event details and an explanation of what is included in each pass, please visit the Serenity Infinity Website.

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