Songs from the Black is a freely downloadable do-it-yourself album of songs previously podcasted on The Signal. The web page contains all of the songs and artwork needed to create a CD, or you can just download the songs as MP3s, or as a podcast.

List of SongsEdit

  1. The Ballad of Serenity - Tree Leyburn
  2. The Theme from Old Wounds - Firefly Old Wounds
  3. Unsere Crew Serenity - Firefly Music Project
  4. In My Sky - Sheena Harden
  5. Can't Stop the Signal - Firefly Music Project
  6. Reel Violin Only - Sharon Bee
  7. Kaylee's Lament - Firefly Music Project
  8. To the Border - Mary Bowerman
  9. River - Firefly Music Project
  10. Serenity - Firefly Music Project
  11. The Hero of Canton - Adam Baldwin
  12. The Theme from Mosquito - Nathan Town
  13. This Land - Firefly Music Project
  14. A Man Named Jayne - the great Luke Ski
  15. Reaver - Firefly Music Project
  16. Reavers - Lich King
  17. Mal's Song - Michelle Dockrey
  18. The Ballad of Serenity (instrumental) - Greg Edmonson

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