The 'Verse Online is a roleplaying community where we create characters, make big-damn stories and turn Joss Whedon's 'Verse into a living, breathing place to misbehave.

We have some oversight, but it is mainly to establish consistency across the board. The consistency we're looking for is imaginative players who are eager to post and play on a regular basis; with emphasis on the interactivity of the Player Characters with each other as well as the Narrator; and to build a small community of like-minded Role Players centered on the Firefly 'Verse.

We felt the need for a site in which individual narrators could run their games and ships as they wanted. No oversight except for the minimal to keep the context in the Firefly 'Verse setting and to make sure that the commonalities of good community would be maintained. Good community, what's that? We don't have a lot of rules to define it, simply put: If you are not willing to come together and play nice and always respect fellow players, we don't want you.

We welcome all Firefly fans who want to roleplay or just read and hang out with fellow Browncoats.

Currently, we have three active ships on TVO.

The Gypsy Traveler: A ship full of circus folk with a proclivity for crime, especially against the Alliance. Think of them as a roaming band of Robinhood and his merry men.

ILEV Constable: An experimental law enforcement concept, a ship that will travel the 'Verse investigating high profile criminal cases, assisting local law enforcement in exceptional cases and showing an elite law enforcement presence in the areas they visit. Based on the success of the ship, Allied Law Enforcement hopes to expand the concept to include a fleet of these vessels.

Darwin: Can you say conspiracy theory? That kind of thing runs amuk on Darwin. A ship with people with ties to the "Big Bad" in the Universe. Watch your back!

For those in-between ventures into The Black...

Persephone, the Eavesdown Docks: An important place to route goods throughout the 'Verse, find work and stop over for repairs. The Docks are known as a place where identification isn't inspected too closely and where you can find almost anything you want...for a price.

We're accepting original characters (sorry, no canon-characters) and have a strong core of folks that are keeping the site strong and welcoming of all new fellow Browncoats and Purple Bellies alike!