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Ni-howdy folks.

My name is Kazia, though I'm known throughout the cortex as Kethra. I dabble a bit as a webmistress for and a little thing called Can't Stop the Serenity. I'm now an active admin here at the Browncoat Wiki.

I found the Firefly 'Verse last year, so I'm semi-late in coming to the fandom. I'm a longtime fan of Joss though, dating back to Buffy.

As far as wikia go, I own and operate a wiki for a game called DragonRealms. That wiki is called Elanthipedia. Long story short, I have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to wiki editing. I find it almost as addicting as other forms of web design.

I'll be visiting here to keep the CSTS page updated and take ganders around at the other articles.