SEB This user is affiliated with the Southeastern Browncoats.

Some of you who are familiar with wikis may also be familiar with user boxes. We do allow the use of user boxes at Browncoat Wiki, but we cannot make them for everybody due to the time involved. We recommend that user boxes be made for regional Browncoat Groups, but you can also create them for any Browncoat interest that you feel would apply to many users.

On the right-hand side of the page is an example of a User Box. These boxes are added to a User page with the use of the template tag: {{template name}}

Instructions for Creating a User Box Template

If a template has not yet been created for your regional browncoat group, you will need to create a new article in Category:Browncoat Wikians. Below are the steps you will need to follow to do this:

To create your article, go to the front page of the wiki and enter the word Template: with no space after the :, followed by area name of your group plus the phrase BC users (ie. The Charlotte Browncoats would create an article titled Template:Charlotte BC Users).
Once you are brought to the edit page for your new article, you will want to place it in a category of the same name as your template (ie. [[Category:Charlotte BC Users]]). Grab the following code and place it below the category tag that you just added. There are several parts of the code you will want to modify for your particular group.
  • line 1 - border color for the whole box
  • line 2 - background color for right side of user box
  • line 3 - background color for left side of user box
  • line 4 - text for left side (abbreviation identifying your group - should be 3 or less characters)
  • line 5 - the only thing you should change on this line is the text between the double brackets. The text needs to be exactly the same as the name of your local groups article on the wiki (including state/country in parentheses). We recommend going to that article if you are unsure and copying the text directly from the top of the page.
<div style="float:right;border:solid #000000 1px;margin:1px">
<table cellspacing="0" style="width:238px;background:#ffff66"><tr>
<td style="width:45px; height:45px; background:#006633; text-align:center; 
font-size:14pt; padding:4pt; color:#FFFFFF;">'''SEBC'''</td>
<td style="font-size:8pt;padding:4pt;line-height:1.25em">
This user is affiliated with the [[Southeastern Browncoats]].</td>
When you are finished modifying the code, save your page. When the page reloads it will list your category at the bottom in red text. Click on the category name and it will take you to the page editor for that category. You will then need to place the following code on the page: [[Category:Browncoat Wikians]].
Save that page and you should be ready to use your template!

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